Ear Mites

Ear mites commonly afflict young animals. These microscopic mites inhabit the surface of the ear canal and occasionally the surrounding tissues of the face. Pets acquire ear mites after coming into contact with other infected pets. Pets with ear mites may experience itching and redness of the head/ears, hair loss around the ears, excessive waxy discharge, and odor. Diagnosis of an ear mite infection requires visual inspection of the ear canal and demonstration of ear mites or their eggs under the microscope. Treatment of ear mite infections include: 1) a thorough ear cleaning (to remove the waxy debris that serves as food for the mites), and 2) application of topical therapies to eradicate the mite infection and 3) treat for secondary infections that often develop concurrently. All pets in the household should be treated at the same time; your pet’s bedding should be thoroughly washed to prevent reinfection.

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