Scope Procedures

Flexible Endoscopy

The SILVER SCOPE® Series in particular combines advanced technology, ergonomics, and durability to create a video endoscope that sets new standards. The control unit’s elegant design supports the instrument’s high tech character.

In addition to pure white light endoscopy, the IMAGE1 S-Technologies provide display options in other defined spectral ranges and hence offer innovative new visualization options for diagnostics. Our unlimited service for flexible endoscopes ensures smooth and safe work.

Video Otoscope

Diagnostic otoscopy in veterinary medicine is one of the most important applications of endoscopes. Disorders of the external ear are common in dogs; the easy access an superior visualization afforded by this technique make otoendoscopy an ideal method of examination

A rigid endoscope allows examination of the mitddle ear as well. KARL STORZ now offers a new veterinary otoscopy set consisting of an otoscope with 0° forward-view optic and a 3-way stopcock.

The shape and adapted length make it possible to carry out thorough examinations even in breeds of dogs with long aural passages. The instrument can also be used for treatment: flushing the ear canal, suction, removal of foreign bodies, myringotomy, etc.

Video Otoscopy provides a precise means of assessment of treatment and follow-up, and documentation of findings. The otoscopy set can also be used for oral and dental examination. For anesthetized patients, the Multi-Purpose Rigid Telescope can also be used.

For further information, click on “Multi-Purpose Rigid Telescope”.

Laparoscopic Procedures

Spays, Biopsy (Liver, Pancreas, Spleen), Laparoscopic Assisted Gastropexy and Rhinoscopy

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