The eyelids protect the eyes from trauma and prevent drying. The term entropion describes eyelids that roll in towards the eye. This painful condition causes the lashes and haired skin of the lid to rub against the surface of the eye (cornea) causing inflammation and ulceration. Entropion can be congenital (born with) or acquired. Breeds commonly affected (e.g.: Shar Peis, Saint Bernards) by congenital entropion typically have large skin folds on their face or have short faces. Acquired entropion may occur with obesity, ocular inflammation (e.g.: allergies), and swelling due to trauma. Dogs suffering from entropion may have ocular discharge (watery, pus), squinting, itchiness, and pain. Left untreated, entropion causes chronic pain and may lead to permanent damage to the cornea and blindness. Young dogs with congenital entropion may be treated medically with lubrication drops to see if they grow out of the condition. Severe cases of entropion in young dogs may require surgery to temporarily pull the lids away from the cornea. Final correction of the entropion is not done until your pet is fully grown. Treatment of acquired entropion focuses on addressing the underlying cause, such as weight loss and allergy relief.

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